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  • posted a message on Using precon cards for crafting.

    i thought of this earlier today as well.  seems like there is no reason you shouldn't be able to upgrade your precon scrolls.  allow them to be used for upgrading, but NOT for sacrificing to upgrade other scrolls.  maybe just add a mark on them of some kind to identify them as precon scrolls on the crafting screen to avoid confusion.

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  • posted a message on Draw Decks and Some Feedback

    Remove deck cycling is my solution

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  • posted a message on The difference between a deck with memorials and one without.

    what kind of deck was it?  only time i've ever seen memorials really give such a massive advantage is playing GO Draw decks, and I blame the draw and deck cycling mechanics more than the memorials.

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  • posted a message on Alternative to deck cycling

    Quote from DynastyStar»

    I personally like this idea alot better than the OPs idea, perhaps to be tweaked on the numbers/health lost, but it has always felt underwhelming to just win/lose because one side ran out of cards.

    that is why i suggested in there that the minimum deck size may need to be increased.  it needs to be big enough where running out of scrolls would not be a regular thing.  60 scrolls would make it so you could go 30+ rounds even playing a few fertile soils or imp resources.  most games don't last 30 rounds unless you are playing against one of those slow GO Draw decks that drag out the game.

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  • posted a message on Alternative to deck cycling

    Quote from ut100 »

    This is a good idea. I think it'll have to be either this, or as Jeb suggested might happen, is when you go through your whole deck your idols lose half their current life. I'm fine with either, but something must be done.

    yeah i saw him say that and I saw other mojang people say similar things many times during alpha.  while it would be a good thing, Imperial resources pretty much negates it because of the idol healing.

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  • posted a message on Alternative to deck cycling

    Draw scrolls like Fertile Soil, Heritage, Imperial Resources, and cantrips like Pother, Kabonk, Sister of the Fox, etc are far too powerful. Not because the scrolls themselves are powerful, but because of the resulting deck cycling that takes place when stacking them allowing you to play powerful scrolls such as Quake, Decimation, Kinfolk Veteran, and the Draw scrolls themselves far more times that should be realistically possible. I had one game the other day where my opponent cast Fertile Soil against me TEN TIMES!!!! this is impossible to keep up with when playing an energy deck which is what i was playing.

    So here is my Suggestion: Scrolls that are actually played do NOT get recycled, only scrolls that get sacrificed each turn will get recycled. 

    yes this means it would be possible to run out of scrolls eventually, especially if you are playing a heavy draw deck, but in my opinion it also means that more decks would be viable because while draw cards would still be out there and give those players an advantage, they would not cause the excessive deck recycling. it would mean there would have to be something in place for this, like the first player to run out loses, or maybe that player just stops drawing and the game becomes a tie when the 2nd player runs out of scrolls to draw.

    If a player was not playing any Draw scrolls or cantrips, that means they would be able to keep drawing until they sacrificed for scrolls 25 times. so between that and sacrificing for resources that means the current deck size would work for about 32 turns assuming they sacrifice for at least 7 resources, longer if you sac for more resources. so this suggestion might have to come with a minimum deck size increase, possibly to 60.

    Another advantage to this is that it would allow future scrolls to interact with the graveyard, only scrolls played could go into the graveyard and the sacrificed scrolls would go into a separate discard pile to be recycled into the deck.

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  • posted a message on KABONK! A Scrolls discussion and gameplay show

    there is already a Scrolls Show, you should pick another name

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  • posted a message on WTS - Full Set of All Cards(3) - Real money?

    the short answer is no, you aren't allowed to sell anything in game for real money.  the long answer is here

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  • posted a message on No Credit Card

    get a pre-paid card, load it with cash, use card on interwebs

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  • posted a message on Roasted Bean Potion

    Quote from unprepared4u »

    This card is extremely situational/niche, and not even very powerful under optimal circumstances.

    I think it would be a much better card if it could be used on structures, rather than creatures. 

    Call it "Wheels"

    bean potion on structures would be amazingly OP.  giving a destroyer a permanent move enchantment would be insane.

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