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  • posted a message on Handicap system to allow fairer games between players of different ranks

    I do not actually think the goal of this game should be to make all games fair, the goal is to make the people build good decks, and if an opponents deck is better, then he just buildt it better! (if you do not have good enough scrolls your goal is to get new ones to improve your deck)

    So if you add handicap, the reward of a player who build a good deck is taken away from him! I personally do not think this should be the way to go.

    As for the "fairness" of scrolls: beginners should only battle beginners etc. so when you have a "bad" deck and dont have the scrolls at the moment to make it better, you just get matched to similar opponents (after a few losses maybe) and when you get the scrolls you needed for improvement, you will get to play against better opponents, a simple rating system should be the way to go in my opinion. (in addition to a beginner-lobby of course)

    As for playing with friends, an experienced player can just give the beginner one of his decks for the time, or he could make a similar-power deck. For this purpose it might be okay to do some kind of that. maybe just a function that you can loan a deck without actually trading the scrolls away so that the other player may play with it just for that one match.

    Im thinking of a button where you can play with a friend and "give" him a deck he might use just for this match (you dont actually give him the deck he just uses it) it would be similar to paper-cardgames. It would solve the problem with "guy wants to play with beginner-friend but he has no deck" and does not really create balancing issues! and I see no other situation where a handicap might be useful

    greetings R0und4b0ut

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  • posted a message on Random Thoughts on the Game

    Thanks for replying to my post!

    I was thinking of a similar card as the factory you mentioned, actually, i think there is a really "easy" way to balance these, you can increase/decrease countdown or just the power of the summoned creature. I really like the idea of kind of "overloading" the structure by paying additionally Engergy! It makes the scroll less "flat" in what it does for you, because you can just spend your turn "overloading" this factory saving the cards drawn for later turns!

    But I think the "Factory" structure-idea could go further than that, I mean factories can produce anything, in your case it is an automaton, but it might be aswell a Plate Armor.

    I am thinking of a description of the structure type factory as:

    Structure - Factory

    "when countdown is set to 0 it produces something (creature or enchantment or anything else you really want it to), you may pay additional Energy to fasten up the production process

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  • posted a message on What this game needs.

    Thank you for your feedback, I didnt know there was a ladder and quick match system! Thats awsome!

    @XENOpz For me the solo Campaing and the 2v2/3v3 would probably be not as important as drafts and tournaments, but that varies from player to player. The things I mentioned try to make "everyone" happy providing lots of "play with friends" or "play solo" or "play competetive" aspects :)


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  • posted a message on What this game needs.

    As everything I write at the moment, all the things I assume/know are from the wiki or the forums!
    I do NOT actually have the game :( but i do have experience with other cardgames and strategy games.

    so, What does this game need? Mainly two things:

    players and content!

    So we just need more players, but thats up to Mojang ;), i think there are many people as me who want to play but cannot!

    about the content:
    In the near future this game just needs one thing:
    more scrolls with different ideas

    In the later future, this game needs a few other things I want to talk about now:

    1. A solo campaign: from what I understood, a solo campaign is planned, I think this is an important step to get people to play and can serve as a tutorial at the same time.

    2. Multiplayer Games, where friends can play together not just against eachother.
        There are a few ways to do that:
            - Coop Campaigns
            - 2v2 / 3v3 matches

    3. A point system where players will get rated, this is not only a way to keep up the motivation for some players, but also to make sure the games are even
        and now a very good player vs. a new player. However there should be lobbies hosted only for new players without the rating system. you should not be forced to play ranked-games, but it should be common to do so.

    4. Leagues. There are a few form of leagues:
            - A ladder where every player is listed (with the point system mentioned abouve) where you can just press "play" and you get matched with an opponent.
            - Mini-tournaments, where you can join and when enough players are ready to play, a mini-tournament is hosted automatically. This can be single-elemination/ swiss-format or even better: you can choose.
                the important thing about that just is: you press "play" and you are in! well you have to wait for other people but that should not be too long if the playerbase is big enough.
            - Big events. Things like Qualifiers for a new league, things like Daily Events where you earn qualifier points and with enough points you are invited to play in a larger tournament.

    5. Drafts. Well this might be in late-late-future but it is certainly a thing to remember. Card games live of that kind of thing, where you have to build a deck from a limited pool of scrolls.
        these might be Drafts or these might be Sealed events (I am really inspired by MTG on that point) but this is the kind of thing that keeps the game interesting.

    So again I wrote a wall of text, I hope it was not too boring to read ;), in any case thank you for reading!

    When I got the time I will write something about scrolls/mechanics I would suggest that will probably be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, until then please let me know whar you think about my opinion :)

    Greetings R0und4b0ut

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  • posted a message on Random Thoughts on the Game

    thank you for your feedback, I will write some more in the next days about general things to look out for and at the moment I am collecting some ideas about scrolls I want to see in the game :)

    When I finally get a key to play the game I hope I can also write abit about decklists and strategies (I definately plan to do that)

    As for now I will just keep up with the forum and wiki trying to get some knowledge from that ;)

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  • posted a message on Legendary/Epic Scrolls

    What I was thinking about are Legendary Scrolls in form of "named creatures" or "named structures" where these would make cards like really epic, giving them a name and a specific flavour. I think there are two ways to do that:

    First: only allow one scroll of it per deck.

    Second: only allow one scroll to be on the battlefield at the same time (meaning if you put more than 1 into your deck, there is the chance that you draw a second one you just cannot use etc.)

    I can really see things like "[epicname] the Black Castle" (stupid name I know :D, but it is just for the idea you know) on the battlefield, or "[anotherepicname] Kinfolk General" as a creatures (for example powering up other kinfolk?! )

    I think that would really add some flavour to the game, beeing able to play sort of "Legends" (you can also use them in Campaign building a deck around some sort of legendary scroll, for example: "The Siege of the Black Castle" where that particular structure would have to be destroyed and the AI's deck is specifically made to work with the legendary scroll, or an epic battle between you and the opposing general who is also "in" his own deck) These characters can be used in the campaign also as really remarkable persons that you can be able to play with afterwards! There are just so many things you can do with badass characters!

    How the ruling should work in this I am really not sure, but it would really benefit the game in my opinion, not only strategy-wise but also the fact that you can design these scrolls that way that you can build around them. I think it is really cool if you can be like "yeah I take that giant legendary guy and build a deck around it".

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  • posted a message on Random Thoughts on the Game

    So before i start, please notice the following points:

    - I do NOT actually have the game (sadly) all my points are beeing made by my experience with other card games/ strategy games so if i talk complete nonsense please inform me about that ;)

    - All my information come from the forums and from the wiki

    - English is not my native language, so please forgive me any grammar/ vocabulary issues


    So first off i would divide playstyles in strategy games / card games in three categories which are:

    1. Aggressive: Aggressive players want to end the game quickly, if the enemy does not react quickly enough and cannot disrupt this plan, he will get rolled over.

    2. Control: Control players want to shut down the enemy's plan, once control players did achieve that, they finish the game either slowly or with a big BOOM.

    3. Tempo: Tempo players want to be aggressive early, but instead of beeing as aggressive as possible, they delay the enemy plan just as much, so that the Tempo-plan wins faster than the enemy.

    As far as I can see, Growth is representing the Aggressive part, and it is doing it pretty good.

    Cards like Ragged Wolf Frostbeard Kinfolk Brave Mangy- and Great Wolf do that job pretty well. they can attack quickly, they can make themselves stronger to push through enemy defense. Haste is an important and strong Keyword in this strategy.

    With Control it is a bit different. There are a few things, that make Control win:

    1. A Finisher: A finisher will come into play after you did sucessfully disrupt the enemy plan. It will seal the deal for you and finally defeat the opponent. A finisher may be just one big guy, who is destroying your opponent, or something that takes down the opponent very slowly, but due to your disruption it has the time to do so.

    2. The Disruption: The disruption is the part that lets you live against other decks. They have a plan -> you dont want that to happen. Cards like Spark Burn Tick Bomb or Violent Dispersal will do that for you. However there is something missing:

    3. Card Advantage and Card Draw: There is some card draw in the game, however it is not as massive, which is fine if the game just doesnt want card draw.
     The lack of Card Advantage however is shocking in my opinion. There is literally no way (i know of) of manipulating the way you draw.
     In a Control deck you need to find the right cards to disrupt the enemy plans, that might be in a huge Wall protecting you, or it might be a kill-spell, but you when you need an answer you need it RIGHT NOW! There needs to be a way to achieve that. That might just be in a card, allowing you to search your deck for a card (however these effects tend to be either OP or useless) or some sort of "I look on the next 5 cards i would draw, then choose one of them put it into my hand then shuffle my deck".
     Card advantage just means: you draw the better cards for the situation than the opponent. Your opponent may have 3 cards in hand and you just one but if the one card is the right one it might have a better impact than three other cards. (I hope you understand where I try to get)

    In my opinion there are just a few cards needed to really encourage a more Controllish Style Gameplay, if this is needed in Scrolls it is not me to decide, but I would love it :) As said abouve though, these are just things i recognised looking over the cards in the wiki.

    As for Tempo, i think it will just develop itself, there are already Tempo-ish cards like Pushback or Thought Trap.


    All in all I cannot really judge if I am just writing complete nonsense or if I have a valid point, because I cannot test this myself, but there are a few things I would love to see in the game:

    - Card advantage spells: in form of manipulating your draws/ searching for specific cards.

    - Discard effects/ Look at opponents hand effects (I think this makes the interaction between players really interesting, you have to invest ressources to know the opponents hand, but if you know it you can better react to it etc.) However the Discard should not be too powerful as a player "not playing spells because they cant" is just not fun.

    - Some more of "Enter the battlefield" triggers, as things like Callback are already encouraging these kind of things.

    Also another aspect (which is only in Scrolls and no other game) is the positioning of your army on the battlefield, things like New Orders or Transposition seem awsome to play with, but hard to balance.

    Some Scrolls I would want to see:


    Foresight ----- 2 Order : View the top 4 scrolls of your library, you may put one of them into your hand then shuffle the other ones into your library.

    Telescope ---- 1 Order/Energy: Look at opponents hand, then draw a scroll.

    Tornado ------- 6-9 Energy: Return all Creatures to their owners hand. (not structures!)


    Growing Strength ------ 2 Growth: Enchanted creature  gains +2 Attack, When enchanted creature is destroyed, return Growing Strength to your hand. (might be OP as it is ^^)


    Weapon Lab ----- 4 Energy, 2 Health, Subtype: Factory: At the beginning of your turn, increase the Attack of target Creature you control by 1. (The Subtype Factory would really fit the Energy-theme, you could also make factories that produce units every few rounds etc. which I think is a great "robot"-flavour kind of thing.

    Wall of Fire ------ 2 Energy, 3 Health, Subtype: Wall, Spiky 1

    (Please notice that any of the abouve scrolls may be totally under/overcosted and therefore useless or OP, these are just the things that got into my mind in like 5 minutes of time...)


    If you came until here, thank you for reading that wall of text :D

    I hope I did mess up too much facts and if I did please inform me about my faults ;)

    Greetings (and hoping to be able to play this awsome game anytime soon :D )



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