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  • posted a message on Spectator mode

    Its hard to say how long the delay is so the spectator cant cheat, because what if you hold onto a powerful card for a long time just to use at a set time?

    But i agree a spectator mode would be great 

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  • posted a message on Plate armour and Waking Stones

    i have tried waking stones against a unit of 1 attack. and the unit still deals 1 damage which i think is wrong.

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  • posted a message on Black Box Bug

    iv got this bug too when i tabbed out to turn on some music

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  • posted a message on Scrolls Wont Login...

    nevermind i found it in the patch notes. 

    For users with the same problem here is the solution

    "It’s not possible to log in when Avast (anti-virus software) is running with the current version. Sorry Avast users! To get around this problem you can add Scrolls to Avast’s excluded processes list. Here’s how to do it: open the Avast interface, click Real-Time Shields, then click Web Shield. Open Expert Settings followed by Exclusions. Under Processes to Exclude, click Add, then find your Scrolls.exe. Select it and click OK."

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  • posted a message on Scrolls Wont Login...

    Yes i have avast on my system, should i disable this for playing scrolls or does it need to be completely removed

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  • posted a message on Auctionhouse?

    I asked the scrolls team this question at minecon.

    They said its something they considered and something they would like too do but they dont want to move players focus away from actually playing the game.

    see  skip to @41:13

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  • posted a message on Scrolls Wont Login...


    Iv just installed scrolls and everything seemed fine. 

    But when i get to the login screen i input all my details and press ok... the game then locks ready to login and then it just stays on that screen and wont login. 

    Iv allowed the program through my firewall and iv also checked that the username and password im entering is correct. 

    Iv also tried running the program as administrator and im still having no luck. 

    Would love some help. thanks 

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