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  • posted a message on Mangy Wolf vs Spiky

    Quote from unprepared4u »

    If it attacks a spiky unit it only takes one damage. Even if it already has full health, it will only be taken down to a 2/2.

    If it attacks with 1 health, it will die. If it attacks with 2 health, it will be down to a 2/1. 

    this makes no sense. Either the damage is applied first and then the heal, in which case if wolf has full health it will go to 2\2 ad if its on 2\2 it will die before it heals, or heal happens first in which case if it attacks on 2\2 it will survive yet if it attacks on 2\3 it will go to 2\1.

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  • posted a message on Beta Wipe?

    If someone would say yes, would that affect your decision to buy into beta? :P

    We can cross that bridge when we get to it, no?

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  • posted a message on Sunday Owlstream and 24hr Livestream with giveaway

    Its ok Acidjib, we still love you

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  • posted a message on I don't understand the payment model :/

    There is a balance to hit with the microtransaction system.

    Some people have less time to play because they have jobs and such, those people will fall behind in the game unless theres a way that they can spend money on scrolls.

    To be honest, right now the microtransaction system does alot more for people that have more time to play. you can get anything for in-game gold and the amount of stuff you can buy with shards is super limited.

    Buying all the precons is nice, but it doesnt really help you make a stronger deck. You still have only a precon in every resource, and if you try to make a multi resource deck with the best scroll in 2 of the precons, you will find out that precon decks are not really strong unless you build them very carefuly (you cant just throw random good scrolls into a multi resource deck and expect it to work).


    The only thing that shards do well right now, is let you buy the 6 unique "just for you" scrolls pretty easily, but those wont always be good.

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  • posted a message on Does Scrolls play like MTG?

    Quote from Loune »

    I mean like gathering card/scrolls, summoning them or using them to deal damage to player and win game and such 

    yes you gather scrolls, yes you summon creatures, yes you use them to deal damage to the players idols (kill 3 to win).

    Thats where the similarities end.

    Scrolls board presense is much more important (in MTG you can have a deck with no creatures, in Scrolls thats kinda hard right now) and also tempo and scroll (card) advantage is much more important (because of the option to sacrifice a scroll in hand to draw 2 more, if you do not sacrifice every turn and for the right thing, and your enemy does, you fall way behind).

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  • posted a message on Wait.. what?

    Amazing how you guys were able to turn this discussion from the topic of "Payment issues in Scrolls" to the topic of international economy XD

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  • posted a message on Making scrolls a more full fledged TCG experience

    Remember that the game is currently only in alpha stages, and will only enter beta on monday.

    There will be many more releases with tons of content, including more scroll sets, more forms of gameplay (draft mode, league mode, whatever). I think there will even be a campaign mode or story mode or something. Just need to be patient.

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  • posted a message on My primary concern before I buy Scrolls: Bots

    This is only true regarding pvp matches, you can earn as much as you like vs the AI.

    But scrolls is a pretty complex game, I dont think a bot will be able to win even 30% of the games it plays. Also, stuff like this can be monitored and im sure mojang will deal with it.

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  • posted a message on WAT DO?

    Blinky isnt really an authority on beta release dates, hes just a dedicated player XD

    But that doesnt mean you shouldnt listen to him :3 As he said, keep an eye out.

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  • posted a message on The official Scrolls feedback thread! Post thoughts related to the newest build here

    Quote from Wyr »

    December was way back in the cloud-shrouded past, yet still no open beta or new alpha invites? That is so very-very sad. Even more sad than my broken English.

    Indeed this is sad D: even more sad than this guy thinking his english is that bad (its not that bad bro :3)


    Best suggestion ever:

    Let us play scrolls... =<

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