Let’s play Scrolls together!

Those of us with Scrolls keys are rather few and far between, and sometimes, real life conspires to keep those of us with keys from playing together.  Now, it's time to bring everybody together, to play some freakin' SCROLLS!  In the spirit of giving, a number of Alpha keys are being given away as well - Mojang's own Owen Hill had the following to say on the matter:

You already have a Scrolls alpha key? Really? You lucky person. They’re still quite rare you know.

For this reason, the servers are a bit underpopulated. To spice things up we’re organising an evening for everyone to play together, a bit like a big Scrolls happy family. That way, there’s a better chance of you playing against other players with similar experience to you, and you’ll get to challenge Mojangstas for bragging rights.

I’ll also be giving out 100 Scrolls alpha keys the day before the event. That gives new players plenty of time to practice before showing off their skills for the Thursday session. I’ll be posting bundles of 25 codes on the Discussion board of Scrollsfans.com at approximately 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00 CEST tomorrow. I’ll also provide a list of the Mojangsta’s usernames so you know who you’re facing.

We’ve decided that Thursday nights at 20:00 CEST would be a good time to meet up online. You can see exactly when that is in your time zone here.

Keep an eye on the forums tomorrow if you don’t already have a key!
Sign in at 20:00 CEST on Thursday evening if you do!
See you on the battlefield, chum(p)!


We look forward to playing with you, be sure to come by, hang out, get a code (if you don't have one), and play some Scrolls with us, and Mojang - see you there!


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